Sunday, December 21, 2008

Google Apps - Latest updates

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Google Apps announcements

Gmail launches voice and video chat
November 11, 2008

Gmail uptime surpasses on-premises email solutions, SLAs available for Google Calendar, Docs, Sites and Talk
October 30, 2008

Google Video for business now availalble
September 2, 2008

Google Goes "App to School"
July 31, 2008

The Google Apps team is going on tour April 21-24, 2008
April 14, 2008

Salesforce for Google Apps
April 14, 2008

Newest Gmail Features Now Available for Google Apps Users
March 21, 2008

Google Spreadsheets Adds Data Visualization Gadgets
March 19, 2008

Non-Profit Technology Resource Site Now Available
March 18, 2008

New Information Feed for Google Apps Updates
March 13, 2008

Google Apps in the news

With New Web Services, More Companies are Working in the "Cloud"
November 11, 2008

Video Conferencing with Google
November 11, 2008

Google Rewires Washington in Challenge to Microsoft
October 13, 2008

Google Video for Business Now Availalble
September 2, 2008

Google Eyes the Enterprise Market
September 2, 2008

SaaS Apps Aid Hospitals During Hurricanes
August 6, 2008

How Cloud Computing is Changing the World
August 4, 2008

More Universities Sign On to Google Apps
July 31, 2008

Telegraph Swaps Microsoft Office for Google Apps
July 16, 2008

Gartner Says Webmail Cuts Costs for SMEs (SMBs)
July 2, 2008

Logos and Events - Google style! in 2008

Veteran's Day - November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Election Day - November 4, 2008

Election Day

Happy Halloween! Doodle designed by Wes Craven - October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! Doodle designed by Wes Craven

Google's 10th Birthday - September 27, 2008

Google's 10th Birthday

First Day of Fall - September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall

Large Hadron Collider - September 10, 2008

Large Hadron Collider

2008 Summer Games in Beijing - August 8, 2008

2008 Summer Games in Beijing

50th Anniversary of Nasa - July 29, 2008

50th Anniversary of Nasa

Marc Chagall's Birthday - July 7, 2008 - Marc Chagall images are copyrighted and were used in this Google doodle with the permission of the Artist Rights Society, which represents the Chagall estate.

Marc Chagall's Birthday

Independence Day - July 4, 2008

Independence Day

First day of summer - June 20, 2008

First day of summer

Father's Day - June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Diego Velázquez's Birthday - June 6, 2008

Diego Velázquez's Birthday

First hot air balloon flight - June 4, 2008

First hot air balloon flight

Anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest - May 29, 2008

Anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest

Doodle 4 Google Competition: 'Up in the Clouds' by Grace Moon - May 22, 2008

Doodle 4 Google Competition: 'Up in the Clouds' by Grace Moon

125th Birthday of Walter Gropius - May 18, 2008

125th Birthday of Walter Gropius

Invention of the First Laser - May 16, 2008

Invention of the First Laser

Mother's Day - May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Design by Jeff Koons - April 30, 2008

Design by Jeff Koons

Earth Day - April 22, 2008

Earth Day

First Day of Spring - March 20, 2008

First Day of Spring

Persian New Year - March 20, 2008

Persian New Year

St. Patrick's Day - March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

Alexander Graham Bell's Birthday - March 3, 2008

Alexander Graham Bell's Birthday

Leap Year - February 29, 2008

Leap Year

Happy Valentine's Day - February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Chinese New Year - February 7, 2008

Chinese New Year

50th anniversary of the LEGO brick - January 28, 2008

50th anniversary of the LEGO brick

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Happy New Year & 25 Years of TCP/IP - January 1, 2008

Happy New Year & 25 Years of TCP/IP

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Friday, December 12, 2008

What's New on Google Talk?

Group Chat
You can now invite multiple people to chat with you in a group using the Google Talk Gadget. When you're chatting with a friend, just click on the "Group Chat" button to invite one or more friends to join the conversation.

New Emoticons :-)
We've added a nifty emoticon picker to the Google Talk Gadget, which lets you show off your :-) and your :P in three different, animated styles. Just click on the smiley in the lower right corner of your chat tab to check them out and pick your favorite look.

Popout support and Flickr slideshows
You can now do more with the Google Talk Gadget. In addition to putting the gadget on your Google Personalized Homepage, you can now pop out the gadget into a separate, small window anytime. This way you can navigate to other websites and still keep your contact list and chats open. And just like running the gadget on your homepage, this way of using Google Talk is completely web-based, and requires no download.

File transfer

If you have your own webpage or blog, you can also add a button to your site so your visitors can pop out the Google Talk Gadget when they visit your page. If you want them to chat with you, just list your username next to the button and ask visitors to sign in and add you as a contact. To add the button to your page, just copy this script into your site's HTML:
Google Talk
We've also added some new media capability to the Google Talk Gadget. In addition to viewing YouTube videos and Picasa Web Albums, you can now also watch Flickr slideshows in your chats.

Google Talk Gadget
You can now add Google Talk to your Google Personalized Homepage. The Google Talk Gadget lets you see your contacts and chat with friends right on your homepage, and it doesn't require a download. You can even add the Google Talk Gadget to your own webpage or blog by pasting a single line of code into your site.

There are a couple of new features to try out in the Google Talk Gadget. If you paste a URL from YouTube or Picasa Web Albums into your chat, the Google Talk Gadget will let you preview the videos and photos right in your conversation.

Watch this short video to get a glimpse of the Gadget at work:

orkut integration
Google Talk makes it easier than ever to chat with more of your friends. If you use orkut, Google's free social networking service, you can chat or place Internet phone calls with your orkut friends using Google Talk. orkut friends will automatically appear in your Friends list, and you'll find out instantly if you've received a new orkut scrap. Learn more
File transfer

Offline Messages
Now if your friends have chat history enabled, you can send them messages even when they're not online. Just enter a message into the chat window as you would normally, and they'll get it the next time they sign into Google Talk. In Gmail, offline messages can be searched and organized -- just like instant messages in their chat history. Learn more

File Transfer
With this top requested new feature, you can send unlimited files and folders to your friends through Google Talk. There is no restriction on the file type or size and the peer-to-peer transfer is fast and reliable. Learn more

File transfer

If your friends aren't around to answer your call, you can leave them a voicemail message instead. Just record your voice after the "Meep" and your friends will get an email to their Talk contact address with the voicemail attached as an audio file. They can play your message when they check their email and save it for as long as they want. Learn more


Music Status and Music Trends
Listening to music while chatting on Google Talk? Now you can let your friends see what you're listening to by selecting "Show current music track" in your status menu. Your status message will change when your song does!

You can also choose to contribute your music tastes to Google Music Trends, and check out what Google Talk users are listening to across the world. Learn more

Music status

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Orkut Toolbar

Orkut Toolbar helps you to format the text of your posts in the Orkut forums.

With Orkut Toolbar all you need is type your entire text without any formatting code and then select the desired parts of text and apply the format using the toolbar buttons. Much like you do in MS Word or any other text editor.

Orkut Toolbar

What's New in 1.5.1

  • New menu itens for for Add Apps, My Applications and My Feeds;
  • Added search for Applications;
  • Added an option to disable the toolbar background image;
  • Added a Blue Skin for those who want their toolbars blue.

What's New in 1.5 (bennu edition)

  • Totally rewrite the Image Viewer wich was broken due to Orkut changes
  • Updated the menu links according to the new Orkut URLs (Mario Rinaldi)
  • Added links for the new Orkut functionalities (Mario Rinaldi)
  • Visual Identity updated following the new Orkut design (Eduardo Suarez)
  • Added icons in the Options dialog (very nice) (Eduardo Suarez)
  • Added compatibility for international Orkut domains (ex. (Mario Rinaldi)
  • Added two new searches: General and In Topics
  • Moved the search field to the right following the Firefox search field (Eduardo Suarez)
  • Restricted the pages where the Image Viewer works (actually: Posts, Communities and Profiles)
  • Moved all the URLs to the DTD files, varying according to the language (Mario Rinaldi)
  • Localized description in the Addons Manager (Mario Rinaldi)
  • New first run message
  • Added compatibility with Firefox 3 Final

What's New in 1.4 (Kill-A-Bug edition)

  • Fixed the %20%20 problem in the search page (Mário Felipe Rinaldi);
  • Fixed the search for communities link (Mário Felipe Rinaldi);
  • Fixed the search for friends link (Mário Felipe Rinaldi);
  • Fixed the "very tall toolbar" problem with some themes (Mário Felipe Rinaldi);
  • Fixed the incompatibility with TabMixPlus and BookmarkDD.

What's New in 0.9.3:

  • Compatibility with Firefox 1.5 RC1
  • Compatibility with Flock
  • Customizable icons size
  • Reuse of text selection after apply a format (based on a ideia by Sergio Abreu)
  • Included a link to the license in the about screen (portuguese only).

What's New in 0.9.2:

  • Compatible with Firefox 1.5 beta 2

What's New in 0.9.1:

  • Compatible with Firefox 1.5 beta 1
  • Color names in the "Font Color" menu in Linux (Mário F. Rinaldi)
  • Link to Orkut help in the main menu
  • Support for the pt-BR locale for Mozilla Suite users
  • Default preferences set at the installation time
  • New logo (Eduardo Suarez)
  • New About screen slightly redesigned

What's New in 0.9:

  • Support for customized signatures
  • Added an options screen for customizing the signatures and the future options
  • New ultra-cool icons by Eduardo Suarez
  • Reanged the colors menu (Eduardo Suarez)
  • Big or Small icons options (right click, Customize..)
  • The friends and communities search will now open in a new tab
  • Switched the link of Friends from "Friendslist.aspx" to "Friends.aspx"
  • Updated the pt-BR translation to match the new official Orkut translation
  • Removed the "Orkut Home Page" button since they are acting in the same way as the "Home" button
  • Full support for Mozilla Suite (tested on 1.7.7 and 1.8b1)
  • Conversion of all graphics from .GIF to PNG
  • Massive otimization and re-organization of the code, but somethings still remain to be done
  • And a lot of things that I don't remember now.

What's New in 0.5:

  • Integrated Communities and Friends Search.
  • The Insert Text Link button now will ask you the title of the link if it haven't selected before.
  • The Insert Link button now won't ask you the link if it were selected before.
  • Added a link to the Orkut Toolbar Official Community in the main menu.
  • Now the main menu links will open in a new tab instead of override the active page.
  • Added acelleration keys to Show/Hide the toolbar (ALT, V, T, O)
  • Integration with the FF default toolbar customization popup menu.
  • Optimzation of some parts of the code
  • A lot of minor changes

What's New in 0.2.1 (Minor bugfix):

  • Fixed a problem with the newly released Firefox 1.0.1 that prevented Link and Text Link buttons to work.
  • Merged the Show and the Hide toolbar functions.

What's New in 0.2:

  • Added links to Home, Friends, Messages and Communities in the main menu.
  • Added suport for accents in pt-BR locale.
  • Added a button to Hide the Toolbar and a statusbar button to Show it again
  • Fixed a little bug in the About dialog.
  • Totally rewrote the code, apllied indentations, naming scheme, renamed controls and icons to more intuitive names, and simplified it a lot.

Main features:

  • Quicklinks to main Orkut sections
  • Easily apply Bold, Italic and Underline to your post
  • Easily change the color of your text
  • Easily Insert a Hyperlink in your post
  • Easy access to all Emoticons
  • Integrated Communities and Friends Search .
  • Available in en-US and pt-BR locales
  • Easily Hide the toolbar and Show it again when you need
  • Customize your Signature !