Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Much Faster, more fun photo sharing on Orkut :-)

You've told us that you really liked the fast photo uploading feature on the new orkut, and we're thrilled! So, recently we turned our focus to revamping your photo viewing experience.

In-line photo browsing

When you receive a photo upload update from a friend in your activity stream, now all you have to do to see the full-sized photo is click on the thumbnail in your update. You can also comment on the photo and see comments by others in your activity stream. This means you can continue checking out other updates without opening a new page.

Using the left and right arrow buttons at the bottom of the photo, you can browse all the photos shared with you. You can also pick a photo you want to see up close by clicking on the 'photo film strip' up top.

Convenient face detection

Clicking the "people in this photo" link at the bottom left of a photo highlights all of the faces that orkut has automatically detected with rectangles. Just click on a rectangle to tag a face by typing a name in the pop-up box. You can also hide the rectangles with a single click.

Photo slideshows
Notice the "slideshow" icon at the bottom right of the full view of the photo? Click on it and sit back for a full-screen, automated slideshow of the photo album. You can stop the show at any time or hover over the thumbnail strip at the bottom of the slideshow to enlarge a particular image. You can also jump ahead to an interesting photo, or go back to one you want to view again. Try playing around with some of the keyboard controls (like Home, End, left and right arrows, Spacebar, and Escape), to see what happens.

Note: we're still working on a version of this feature for Internet Explorer, so if you'd like to check it out now, just sign in to orkut using either Google Chrome or Firefox.

You can enjoy many of these same features not just in the "friends updates" section on your orkut homepage but also from the "profile" and "photos" pages.

We hope you enjoy the new photo viewing, commenting and tagging experience -- and please keep telling us what you think at the orkut help forum or official community.

Original Source : http://en.blog.orkut.com/2009/12/faster-more-fun-photo-sharing-on-orkut.html

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