Friday, September 10, 2010

Google Analytics Support to Chrome Extensions

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If you have a Google Chrome extension, this news might interest you greatly. Google announced today that it has added support for Google Analytics to the Chrome Extension Gallery

The move, Google says, will "help you better understand how many people visit your extension pages, where they're coming from and more."

Users can specify a Google Analytics profile for each extension. This will start tracking the extension's page in GA like it was its own site.
Google Analytics support from Chrome extensions
"You can also use Google Analytics to track the usage of your extension once it's installed," says Google software engineer Qian Huang. "Check out this tutorial that explains how to integrate Google Analytics such that you can analyze how users interact with the features of your extensions."
Browser extensions can be a good way to keep customers engaged with your business, and being able to track that will no doubt help tremendously.

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