Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Google TV - 10 Highlights you should know!

Daniel Pickens-Jones, (Consumer Operations Associate) say's

1. Search using the Quick Search Box
Quick Search Box (QSB) makes scrolling through channels a thing of the past. Press the search key and harness Google's search power to
discover TV offerings and web content. Navigate anywhere you want to go-- type in a URL in to surf the web, or type in a channel name to go
there instantly. With the QSB, you can:

  • Quickly search for online videos. Try typing "Lady Gaga" to find a music video.
  • Navigate to all of your favorite websites. Try typing ""
  • Easily find your favorite TV shows. Try typing in the name of a series like "The Office" or "Colbert Report" and view the series results page to
    see where you can find episodes across TV, the web and apps. Click on an episode and watch directly from Amazon Video On Demand®.
  • Surf directly to a channel by typing its name. Try typing "CNN."
  • Search the web. Try typing "Google TV" and selecting "Search the web."

2. Discover something new with Spotlight
Home Screen > Spotlight

Google TV Spotlight features websites that have been optimized for viewing on Google TV. Use the Spotlight folder for quick access to great content
on the web, including streaming music videos on VEVO®, cooking tips on CHOW®
TV and illustrated children's books on MeeGenius!®.
Click the link icon to open the website in Google Chrome, or click on "All Sites" to view the full selection of websites optimized for TV viewing.

3. View a photo slide show using Google Gallery
Home Screen > Applications > Gallery

No more crowding around the computer screen to see your vacation pictures:
Google Gallery lets you easily view photos on your TV screen. View photo albums uploaded to your Picasa account, or simply plug a USB storage drive directly into your Google TV device.

4. Explore apps
Home Screen > Applications > NBA Game Time
Home Screen > Applications > CNBC Real-Time

Check out NBA® Game Time to view game information, standings and high-definition video highlights from the current NBA® season. When the game's on, press the Dual View button to watch in a picture-in-picture box while you check scores or stats in NBA® Game Time-- and don't miss a moment of the action! Or try out CNBC® Real-Time, where you can keep track of a customizable list of stock quotes while watching video clips on hot topics in the world of finance. Expect many more applications after we open the Android Market on Google TV in early 2011.

5. Subscribe to an audio or video podcast using Google Queue
Home screen > Google Queue

Google Queue keeps track of all your favorite online series, podcasts, recorded video and RSS feeds. Browse, search for and subscribe to new
video and audio podcasts in Queue, or use press the
Bookmark (Star) button while browsing to add a video or website to your Queue to view
later. Your Queue will automatically update with new content from your subscriptions, so you won't miss an episode of Jake and Amir or an
update from NPR's Talk of the Nation. Try out something new, like a high-definition underwater video podcast from Marine Channel HD.

Check out our Google Queue tutorial video

6. Find out What's On-- the simpler way
Home screen > What's On

You're in the mood for a comedy show, but don't want to waste time scrolling through an endless list of channels. Navigate to "What's On" and click
Comedy to see what shows are playing now and how much longer they'll be on, as well as what shows are coming up in the next few minutes. Browse Movies, News and information, Sports, Home and garden, Reality and game shows and many more categories.

7. Watch videos on YouTube Leanback
Home screen > Spotlight > YouTube Leanback

Not sure what to watch? Let YouTube entertain you! Leanback selects videos based on your YouTube viewing preferences and plays them in full-screen high definition-- just like watching TV. Leanback's interface lets you easily browse or skip ahead in your video queue, and pressing the Down arrow will allow you to rewind, fast-forward or open the video in the website. Press the Up arrow or start typing at any time to search YouTube for something different.

8. Stream a movie
Home Screen > Spotlight > Amazon Video on Demand
Home Screen > Applications > Netflix

Visit the Amazon Video On Demand® service to stream top movies and TV shows directly to your  TV. Browse a wide selection of premium content
offerings and only pay for the movies and TV shows you want to watch. If you're a Netflix® subscriber, use the Netflix® app to access your
Instant View queue.

9. Coming soon: Use your phone as a remote

No more fighting over the remote! Control your Google TV device from your Android phone or iPhone.

10. Multitask!

Use the Pandora® or Napster® app to create a soundtrack for your photo albums in Gallery, or to listen to music while browsing the web. Use Dual View to check player stats online while you watch football, or update your friends on Twitter® while the news is on. Be creative! More apps are coming soon, and as Google TV continues to grow, the possibilities will multiply.

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