Monday, October 20, 2008

The Google Foundation

Why does Google have a separate foundation?

Early in the formation of, Google took the value of 10% of the 3 million shares from Google's initial public stock offering and used those funds to establish the tax-exempt Google Foundation. The Google Foundation is managed by and supports its mission and core initiatives.

Where can I find the Google Foundation financial statements?

As a private foundation, we annually file a Form 990-PF with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, which provides financial information and lists grants awarded during the fiscal year. You can find those forms, as well as our articles of incorporation and bylaws, below.

Do your Forms 990-PF list all of's grants?

Because the Foundation is only one source of funds used by for grant making and investments, these forms do not provide a comprehensive list of giving. For that, please see our Grants & Investments page.

As a private foundation, the Google Foundation annually files a Form 990-PF with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service providing financial information and listing grants awarded during the fiscal year by the Foundation. We've provided below our recent Forms 990-PF:

Additionally, we plan to post the Google Foundation's audited annual financial statements as they become available.

The Google Foundation has as its organizational and operational documents: