Friday, March 26, 2010

Direct import from Picasa for Orkut!

Megha Gupta, (software engineer) Say's

For many of us, the best part about taking photos is sharing them with friends and family online.

That's why we've integrated Picasa Web Albums (Google's free photo hosting and sharing service) with orkut, so that you can directly copy your favorite Picasa photos onto orkut with just a few clicks and easily share them with your orkut friends.

Look for the "import from Picasa" link when you create an orkut album from the orkut photos page or when adding photos within an existing album.

When you click on it, a photo picker will show up where you can access all of your Picasa Web Albums. Choose an album to see all the photos in it:

Next, just select the photos you want to upload to orkut. Be assured, the photos will not be erased from your Picasa account. A copy of the photos will become available on orkut once you complete the upload.

The cool convenience with this feature is that you don't have to download the photos to your computer and then re-upload them to orkut again from your computer.

While the photos you have chosen from your Picasa Web Album are being uploaded to orkut, you can drag and drop the photos to reorder them, caption them, rotate them, select an album cover and also select friends you want to share the photos with. To save your time, we also import all the photo captions from Picasa Web Albums if they already exist.

And to make your life even easier, we've integrated a face detection feature for the photos uploaded from Picasa. You can quickly add names for people whose faces are detected without having to identify them manually.

You can now look forward to many more comments and conversations around your photos on orkut. Wait no more! Head to your orkut photos page, browse through your Picasa Web Albums and exhibit your fabulous photos to your orkut friends. And don't forget to let us know what you think of this feature.

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