Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Orkut celebrating World Music Day

It's the longest day of the year, and time to prepare your ears. Not quite sure what I'm talking about? Allow me to explain: in countries all over the world, today is the World Music Day.

Created in France in 1982, the World Music Day (or "Fête de la Musique") was envisioned as a way to encourage the people to pick up their abandoned instruments and start playing music again. The festival has taken place on the summer solstice of each year since then, and has spread to a number of different countries.

Never ones to be the left out of the fun, we created a special doodle to commemorate:

Concerts, shows, musicians jamming in the streets– all of these are core elements of what the Fête de la Musique is all about. While orkut may not be able to fly you to France so that you can join in the fun in person, we can certainly help you create your own personal music day at home:
  • Join a music community and talk with other enthusiasts about your favorite genres, artists and songs
  • Check out the Music iLike app and show off your favorite songs and artists
  • If you play an instrument, join a related community (here are a few popular ones: guitar, piano, violin) to get advice and support from other musicians
  • Use orkut promote to share videos that highlight your musical prowess with the orkut community. Just be sure to thank us when you get famous ;-)