Saturday, June 12, 2010

The world biggest kick starts

Ariel, on behalf of the entire orkut team say's

After four long years, it's finally the day the whole world has been waiting for- the beginning of the biggest football event in the world! The 32 national teams have already been selected and are all primed for a fierce competition. No matter who wins in the end, it's guaranteed to be an incredible spectacle to watch.

So join in the fun, slap on your country's jersey and organize a football party to cheer on your team during their key games. If you really want to make sure that all of your friends know who you're rooting for, try using orkut's promote featureto get your message out there. If you get really creative, you can also addphotos and videos.

Since there's no way the orkut team could ever agree on a single team to support, we put together a doodle that we hope everyone can enjoy:

We've decorated our sign-in page, but don't forget that you can decorate your home page as well. Use new themes and post new photos to make it clear who you'll be cheering for this football season.

May the best team win (and may the rest of us enjoying watching)!