Thursday, October 7, 2010

Google Instant Now in India!

Vinay Goel (Product Management Director, Google India) Say's

A few weeks ago we introduced a new way of searching that makes search more interactive and helps you find information more quickly and easily. We called it Google Instant, and today we are excited to be rolling out Instant in India.

Google Instant combines three core features -- dynamic results, Autocomplete predictions, and 'scroll-to-search' functionality -- to deliver smart, predictive results as you type. You can watch the video on Youtube that explains Google Instant in greater depth.

In the month since our initial release, we extended Instant to Google Books, Videos, Blogs and Updates, and launched keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate through search results. We have also learned more about how people are using Instant, and although it is still early days, we wanted to share some of those findings.

People are learning to use Instant. In just two weeks, we saw an increase in the fraction of searches performed without hitting enter or clicking search. People are used to searching on Google by hitting enter or clicking "search," but we've been happy to see that people are quickly adjusting to the new experience.

Search is getting more interactive. We've seen about a 7% increase in on-the-fly editing of search queries. Instant isn't just about time savings, it's also a new, more fluid way to search. We've seen people reformulating their queries more. As you type, you see search results, and often those results can inspire you to type better search terms.

People are making the extra effort to use Instant. In just one week, we saw an increase in the relative number of search sessions starting on the Google homepage, likely because they want to use Instant. Google Instant currently only works on the Google homepage and results page, not in other places such as browser search boxes, the Google Toolbar, and the Chrome Omnibox. As people have learned about Google Instant, many seem to be searching more on the homepage in order to use the feature.

We are thrilled to be bringing Google Instant to India, and we look forward to hearing what you think.

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