Friday, October 22, 2010

Introducing Google Music Search (India) at Labs

Tarkeshwar T, Deepak L, Aravind M (Software Engineers), Alok Goel (Product Manager) Say's

Bollywood music is innate part of our life both online and offline. That's why, every day, millions of users in India use Google to search for their favorite Bollywood songs - latest or classic. Users not only search for songs but also spend quite a bit of time to explore and discover new music on Internet. However this search and exploration has never been an easy thing.

Today, we're starting a trial to help you search and explore music across thousands of Hindi Bollywood songs at Google Music Search (India) Labs ( You can find the latest Hindi songs, restrict your search to songs from 1980s, listen to songs sung by Kishore Kumar or Shreya Ghoshal or just all songs from the movie Buddha Mil Gaya.

Besides this, when you enter any music-related query (such as the name of a song, artist or album) at Google Search — your search results will provide you a single click access to your songs. You can stream these songs unlimited number of times on your computer. Please note that songs will be streamed directly by our partners to your computer.

We think this will make your search and exploration for music content faster so that you spend more time enjoying music and less time in finding it. Above all, this streaming will be fully legal as Google Music Search (India) Labs offers music from partners who have legal permission to stream online. We have cataloged songs from SaReGaMa, In.Com and We're rolling this out as a labs product and look forward to your feedback so we can improve the offering. So try this product and roll yourself into the world of Bollywood music.