Saturday, May 23, 2009

Webmaster Tools Tour

Google's free webmaster tools provide you with an easy way to make your site more Google-friendly. They can show you Google's view of your site, help you diagnose problems, and let you share info with us to help improve your site's visibility in our search results.

Keep going to learn more about some of these tools.  

Help Google better crawl your site

Tour 1

The first step in increasing your site's visibility on Google is learning how we crawl and index your site.

Crawl Info: Learn how to make sure we have access to your site, and see when Googlebot last visited. You can also view URLs that we've had trouble crawling and find out why we couldn't crawl them. That way, you can fix any problems preventing us from indexing all of your pages.

Indexing Stats: See how your site is indexed and which of your pages are currently included in the index. If we find violations in your site, we'll give you the opportunity to fix the problems and request reconsideration of your site.

A second step is learning what drives traffic to your site.

View links data: View up to thousands of links to pages on your site that we've found on the web. Data is separated into external and internal links to help you better understand your site's visitors.

Top Queries: Find the top queries that drive traffic to your site, and where your site is included in the top search results. This will let you learn how users are finding your site.

Page Analysis: View top content from your site and see the words that other sites use to link to it. 

Since no one knows more about your site than you do, you can also share this info with Google and improve your crawlability.

Submit a Sitemap: Tell us all about your site's pages by submitting a Sitemap file; help us learn which pages are most important to you and how often those pages change. We'll try our best to crawl those pages more frequently.

Crawl Rate Control: Provide us with information about how you want the Googlebot to crawl your site. If you'd like us to slow down or speed up the crawl of your site, just let us know. 

"Webmaster Tools is definitely a needed tool. We already knew the power of search. Now we are able to direct that power much more efficiently."

– Jeremy Becken
Co-founder and Chief Technical Office for
"I appreciate the fact that Google provides free, effective tools that tell me how Google 'sees' my site with virtually no effort on my part."

– Erik Gauger, Editor and photographer
"I appreciate the fact with so much interest and so much changing, finding a more efficient way to update Google was helpful for us as well as our community of readers."

– Ævar Arnfjör Bjarmason, Developer and Server Administrator

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