Wednesday, July 21, 2010

[ORKUT] Easy to see photos in full-screen

Ariel, (orkut operations team) Say's

Some time ago we announced an improved photo viewing experience on orkut. We heard from you that the ability to look at photos full-screen was the most exciting feature, so we decided to make it even easier to use.

When you see an update on your homepage saying that a friend has uploaded some photos, just click the "view in full-screen" button, and an automated full-screen view of the album will begin.

Then just sit back and enjoy the slideshow. You can hover over the thumbnail strip at the bottom to enlarge a particular image at anytime:

While you're still in full-screen view, try playing around with some of the keyboard controls (like Home, End, left and right arrows, Spacebar, and Escape), to see what happens.

Excited? Don't forget to share your photos too, so you and your friends can enjoy them together.

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