Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Introducing Non-Admin Chrome Frame

Original post by Robert Shield, Software Engineer (from chromium blog)

We released Google Chrome Frame in September 2009 to expand the reach of modern web technologies and help developers take advantage of HTML5's capabilities. Since then, we've seen great adoption of the plug-in by end users and developers. Even more exciting, we've heard from developers that Google Chrome Frame is enabling them to create legacy-free apps that are easier to build, maintain, and optimize.

However, there was one remaining obstacle to making Chrome Frame accessible to users of older browsers - users needed to have administrative privileges on their machines to install Chrome Frame. At this year's Google I/O we announced this obstacle has finally been removed.

Non-Admin Chrome Frame runs a helper process at startup to assist with loading the Chrome Frame plug-in into Internet Explorer. The helper process is designed to consume almost no system resources while running. Once installed, non-admin users will have the same no-friction experience that admin users of Chrome Frame have today.

You can try it yourself by installing the new non-admin version of Chrome Frame here. This is now available in our developer channel and is coming to stable channel very soon.

For more technical details, please see the Chrome Frame FAQ. Please share your feedback in ourdiscussion group and if you encounter any bugs while using Chrome Frame, please file them on Chromium's issue tracker. We'll be working hard to bring Non-Admin Chrome Frame up to the beta and stable channels over the coming weeks. You can help us move this up to stable as quickly as possible by trying out the current release and sending us your feedback!