Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Google Apps Blog update : [Auto play feature - Display images from Contacts]

Making presentations better with tables and auto-play

Posted: 21 Jul 2009 10:34 AM PDT

The Google Docs team pays close attention to what users say on our forums, and we've heard one issue loud and clear: You want tables. Actually, we really wanted tables too. Well, we're pleased to announce that we now have tables in presentations, which can be useful for organizing data that matters to your audience.

Posted by: Dave Santoro and Attila Bodis, Software Engineers

Now displaying images in messages from your contacts

Posted: 20 Jul 2009 06:18 PM PDT

Posted by David de Kloet, Software Engineer

When an email references external images, Gmail usually doesn't display them automatically. Instead we show placeholders and present you with the option to "Display images below" or "Always display images from" that sender.
  cy from spammers, who can use images and links to verify that your email address is real.