Friday, July 10, 2009

SMS can help U for recover your Gmail Password

Even the best of us forget our passwords from time to time. In fact, recovering passwords is one of the top reasons people visit the Gmail Help Center. To help with these situations, we recently added the ability to recover your password via text message.

To turn this on for your account, just sign in, select 'Change Password Recovery Options,' enter your cell phone number and click 'Save.'

Next time you forget your password, enter your username on the password-assistance page, and Google will text you a recovery code. No need to check another email account or even leave the page.

In general, it's a good idea to add as many password recovery options to your Google Account as possible, like a secondary email address and security question. And don't forget to keep them up-to-date.


Recover Via SMS

Password, definitely you know the importance of this word, therefore you have been changing your passwords time to time. Moreover, sometimes you may forget your password. In such situation, you need the help of Gmail Help Center. Now it has become easier than the easiest, as the new facility has reached to recover your password via text message. If you want to turn on this feature, just Sign In, Choose "ChangePassword Recovery Options" and enter your mobile pone number and click, "Save".

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By next time if you forget your password, just enter your username on the password-assistance page soon after you will receive your recovery code. Even more, you don't have to check yours another email account or even leave your page.
Besides, there are so many options available for you to recover your password for Gmail. Nevertheless, this is a special method for you.

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