Sunday, August 2, 2009

Google is now available in Facebook

Google quietly launched an official Facebook pagethis week. Although that quiet didn't stop the page from attracting over 264,000 fans already so far. 

Google has two favorite pages listed - the AdWords page and theiGoogle page. Both of them have been around longer. iGoogle came on the scene last month it looks like, and the AdWords page has been around for quite some time. It doesn't look like Fans of the Official Google Facebook Page will be getting access to much more than Official Google Blog posts, but that could certainly change in the future. 

Google seems to have been more interested in communicating via Twitter in the past. A while back the company launched a slew of Google accounts for various products, and have acquired piles of followers on those.

Google Launches Facebook Page

Google launching a Facebook Page certainly makes considering the enormous popularity of the social network. What makes less sense is why they have just now gotten around to launching it. To be honest, I've never noticed that they were lacking one. 

Want to go Google on Facebook

I've always considered Google to be one of the premier examples of a company that knows how to do corporate blogging. I regularly read most of their blogs for announcements, and most are frequently updated and their directory of blogs does a fantastic job of keeping interested parties informed of what is happening throughout various parts of the company. 

It looks like they've got some work to do on the corporate social media use front though. On the other hand, they're Google. It's not like they have to worry about word of mouth too much. 

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