Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Mail Delegation in Gmail

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 01:04 PM PDT

You can now allow others (i.e. administrative assistants) in your domain access to your email.

Editions included:
Premier Edition

Languages included:
US English

How to access what's new:
Administrators must first enable mail delegation by checking the Mail Delegation checkbox under 'Email Settings' in the administrator control panel.

To enter delegates, users can select the 'Accounts' tab under 'Settings' and click 'Add another account' to enter their delegate's email address.

For more information:


New in Labs: Hide labels, see subject lines on netbooks

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 07:17 PM PDT

Posted by Christopher Semturs, Software Engineer


A speedier, spiffier beta for Google Chrome

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 08:42 AM PDT

Since our last major update of Google Chrome in May, we've been hard at work improving some of its most used and loved features. Today, we're releasing a new beta for you to try. Not only is it speedier than ever, but we've also given the browser a little bit of design whimsy that we hope will bring some color and delight to your day.


Audio care packages for service members with Google Voice

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 04:00 AM PDT

(From time to time we invite guests to blog about initiatives of interest and are pleased to have Sergeant Dale Sweetnam join us here. SGT Sweetnam is working with Google's communications team this year through the U.S. Army's "Training with Industry" Program. -Ed.) 


Two views from the 2009 Google Faculty Summit

Posted: 03 Aug 2009 03:06 PM PDT

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