Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New in Gmail Labs : You can hide Labels / Full of Subject You can see! From your inbox

Some time ago I bought a netbook. It's perfect in terms of portability, weight and space usage, but the natural drawback is the size of the screen. It's so small that sometimes I find it hard to read the subjects of emails in my inbox. It looks something like this:

Now, there are some ways to work around this, like using Google Chrome's 
full screen mode, but I wanted a way to do more. So I created a new Gmail Labs feature called "Remove Labels from Subjects" that automatically hides the labels from messages in your inbox, leaving plenty of space for the messages' subjects.

To turn it on, just go to the 
Labs tab under Settings and look for the following icon:

Enjoy the new screen real estate and 
tell us what you think!


Gmail Helps to Notebook and Netbook Users

If you have a lower screen resolution you might appreciate this latest Gmail feature in Gmail Labs if you use labels. You can now hide labels so you can see the email subject line, mostly for notebooks and netbooks.

On smaller screen resolutions - or whenever your browser screen isn't adjusted wide enough - you may only see the from email address, some labels and… well that's it (see the link above for a screenshot).

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