Saturday, August 1, 2009

New update information (Updates from Gmail Also)

Send emails from another address without displaying "on behalf of" in Gmail

Posted: 31 Jul 2009 09:30 AM PDT

Now when you send an email using another address within your domain or within an aliased domain, your original username won't be listed in the "Sender" header, so your recipients won't see "on behalf of."

Editions included:
Premier and Education Editions

Languages included:
All languages supported by Gmail

How to access what's new:
To learn more about adding a custom 'From' address, 
click here

For more information:


Tags in gadgets, navigation bar links and pasted HTML enhancements in Google Sites

Posted: 31 Jul 2009 11:23 AM PDT

The following updates have been made in Google Sites:
– Now when you paste embeddings that use object, embed, or iframe tags they will be auto-wrapped in a gadget rather than get stripped out as unsafe HTML.
– In manual mode sidebar navigation now allows for custom links, not just pages in the site.
– Improved handling of HTML pasted from external sources.

Editions included:
Standard, Premier, Education, Team and Partner Editions

Languages included:
All languages supported by Google Sites

How to access what's new:
To add a custom link to your navigation bar, click 'Add URL' from the 'Configure Navigation' dialog box.